New Website Launch

Well I’ve been promising our new website for a while now but it is finally here. The team and I, see below, have been planning a range of new website features, some you can already see while others will be rolled out in coming weeks and months. This is phase one of many.

The layout of the site itself will change, as the way I’ve been collecting information has changed. Previously I would update the blog every now and then and pass on resources and links through a menu on the side of the screen. Those pages are really popular and they are still there but as a user of Twitter, I find and pass on resources and links whenever I see them and we are looking at a way to bring that immediacy to the site through a connection to my Twitter feed.

To make our training events easier to access we have online registration for all of our events. It should be very easy to log in and register your place, you can then arrange payment to confirm. We have a number of events in the system now so if you are in South Australia or New South Wales we might be seeing you very soon!

Another really exciting development will be our member’s section…..more to come on that one in the near future.

We hope you enjoy the look and usability of the new site and if you have any feedback at all we would love to hear it - this site isn’t for us, it’s for you!

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